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Mac Resources for Your Christmas

Christmas is coming and it’s the right time to start decorating your house, as well as your Mac.

Maybe there are already a lot of Christmas resources around the net, but I’d like to make one special list for Mac.

Though this is not a huge list, but I’ve tried to cover the most interesting things on your Mac, such as screen saver, wallpaper, and many other fun stuffs. So, what are you waiting for now?

Christmas Screen Savers

Nothing represents Christmas as much as falling snowflakes and flying Santas. Here are collection of screen savers that picture Christmas on your Mac.

Scattered Flurries

Perhaps you’ve long bored with the moving Flurry of Colors on your Mac, especially during Christmas day. You can add more flurries of snow to your Mac Screen Saver.

Scattered Flurries


If you will never have a great Christmas without falling flakes of snow, you can download this snowfall quartz composer screen saver to simulates the ice storm!


A Small Gift for Christmas

Christmas Lighthouse

Holidays Christmas

X’Mas Holiday

Source : UsingMac.com