B2B Search Engine Marketing, Goals for 2011

With the New Year finally upon us, it’s time to start focusing on those goals and objectives we promised as 2011 budgets were approved. But similar to our resolutions for eating healthier and getting back to the gym, achieving measurable results with B2B search engine marketing will undoubtedly be challenging.

Here is a look at the key B2B search engine marketing resolutions that will help you achieve your marketing goals in the New Year.

An Investment in Content Marketing

Quality content fuels almost every B2B search engine marketing strategy. But investing in content development is difficult when resources are tight and sales pressure looms.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with production volume, consider developing a handful of high quality pieces (white papers, research, etc.) and using that material as the basis for shorter articles, blog posts, podcasts, etc. One high quality white paper can lead to a half dozen supporting pieces that can be optimized for additional (but related) keyword strategies.

Connect the Dots Between Online & Offline Marketing Strategy

In a recent study by Fusion B2B, Internet marketing and social media didn’t actually rank as a top priority (although they were key tactics for accomplishing goals). Lead generation and measurement of marketing strategies are key priorities.

Top B2B Marketing Priorites - 2011

What is the takeaway? B2B marketers are concerned with strategies that impact the bottom line. The preferred channel of choice is the channel that is most effective in generating quality leads for the organization.

Focus on the B2B Sales Cycle

The B2B sales cycle is different than for B2B companies. B2B prospects send multiple levels of the organization to evaluate a solution. More than one visit to the website is almost always a certainty.

Understanding the intent of a keyword strategy and the content required to support that strategy needs to be considered.

Get Your Head Around Technology Solutions

Technological advancements enhance how B2B marketers develop their programs and evaluate the results of efforts. Not only are tools getting better at providing the data necessary for benchmarking performance, but it seems like every week a new technology is being developed that needs evaluation.

Develop Your Social Community

This could be a long shot, but while you know your customers are in places like Facebook and LinkedIn, the B2B marketer wants more control of the medium. To that extent, consider building your organization’s social community in places you run and own, in addition to the popular social networks of today.

While social media certainly isn’t going away, the applications and platforms we use will change, advance, and/or become obsolete. If your organization is delivering real value, the target market should follow you no matter what the platform.

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Search Marketing Hot Spots In 2011

As you shift your focus from frantically optimizing holiday campaigns to
methodically (hah!) executing 2011 plans, here are areas worth thinking about:

1. Local: With all the buzz over Google’s near-acquisition of Groupon, it’s clear the Big G is ready to make a big move in the local space.

Google Local

2. Social ads: As Facebook beefs up its Marketplace Ads offering and ads API, social advertising campaigns will begin to look an awful lot like search. From precise audience segmentation to dynamic creative customization to real-time bidding, social ads are taking on core attributes of SEM.

3. The social graph: With Bing incorporating Facebook connections into its algorithm, it becomes imperative for SEO practitioners to generate likes along with links.

Social Graph

4. Mobile : More and more search queries are originating from mobile devices. And more and more content providers and app developers are creating rich, engaging experiences for mobile consumption. It remains to be see if the core navigation for mobile will be search and, if so, via text or voice. However, you can be sure Google will do what it can to bake search throughout the mobile experience and, the more penetration Google gets with Android, the more likely search will prevail.

5.Attribution : As consumers continue to multitask across screens and companies like Apple continue to create more screens and activate more portable content, it’s becoming more important than ever for marketers to track interaction across channels. The days of managing search in a silo are over. Search is a net for demand generated by other marketing activities.

6.Display : Display, as we’ve known it, is dead. Taking its place is a format that looks like display but smells like search. I’m referring to image and rich media ads that are bought and sold via real-time bid auctions with creative messages that are customized on the fly and targeting options that are granular down to the individual and placement level.

7.Search : You didn’t think I’d include this one, right? Despite the trends pushing search marketers to consider other channels and marketing tactics, we must still remain focused on maximizing SEM itself. What will 2011 bring for search? Expect continued market share gains for Bing (already up 40% since launch) but mostly at the expense of Yahoo, making the Search Alliance a wash (although still a critical venue for SEM ads). Expect Google to continue to tweak search results pages to increase advertising revenue.

Google Search

8.Apps : In the coming year, look for apps like Siri (recently bought by Apple) to emerge as bona fide alternatives to search engines. Bing was on the right track when it launched with its “decision engine” positioning but hasn’t yet lived up to that promise. What we need are true “virtual personal assistants” (a term coined by Siri) that can help accomplish tasks like planning trips or outings without strings of search queries but, rather, one single instruction.

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Impact of Google Caffeine on Link building

All the webmasters across the world especially those who specializes in Google SEO and Google Optimization must take note of the fact that Google has made a major change in its algorithm which has caused a major change in the way it provides ranking to different websites. As a result of this change the all the SEO Expert or SEO optimizers who want to rank their website in the Google search engine result pages need to follow a completely different SEO strategy which significantly differs from the one they have been following so far. Here we would be discussing about the new caffeine updated link building strategy.

One may have noticed a significant drop in backlink profile after the caffeine update. This is because Google has started discarding all the spammy links, which includes signature posting in forums and blog comment postings with links. Google has started treating them as spam and therefore….


Top Most Popular Search Engine Optimization,SEO marketing Websites

1) Search Engine Land is a news and information site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry. This site is led by journalist Danny Sullivan, who has been covering search for the past 11 years. It is published by Third Door Media, which also produces the Search Marketing Expo conference series and the Search Marketing Now webcast events.


2) Launched in 2003, It is one of the oldest standing SEO sites that is still regularly updated. The site originally was designed as a blog that offered DIY SEO tips and helped sell the leading SEO ebook.

3) –Matt Cutts is a qualified software engineer that works as the head of Google’s Webspam team. He is well known in the SEO community.

4) – SEOmoz is the world’s most popular provider of SEO software. Their easy to use tools and tutorials make search engine optimization accessible to everyone. The powerful SEOmoz API delivers our Linkscape web crawl data to our SEO tools, Open Site Explorer and dozens of third-party applications.



6) Search Engine Watch helps search professionals and interactive marketers do their jobs better. SEW is devoted to issues surrounding customers—finding them, keeping them…

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Must Have Google Chrome Extension For Twitter Lovers

Google chromes browser supports extensions or plugins like Firefox. Google has launched the extension library for public use now. If you are looking to enhance the functionality of your Google chrome browser the head over to Google Extension Library page. But before starting to use this extension you need to have a beta version of latest Google Chrome browser.

Download Chrome Twitter Extension

Download Chrome Twitter Extension

Twitter extension for Google Chrome Browser:

1. Chromed Bird: Chromed bird is a twitter extension for chrome users from where you can easily interact with your followers. Features of Chromed Bird allows you to easily retweet the message, automatic shorten the url, track read/unread tweets, notify users whenever the new tweet arrives and lot mor.

Download Chromed Bird Extension from here.

2. Twitter Bar: Most of you have heard of twitter bar plugin for Firefox. The same extension is also available for Google chrome users as well. Twitter bar lets you tweet you the link from the address bar of your web browser. It automatically shortens the url when it goes to twitter so you need not to worry about the message length. You can also change the url shortner service from the option menu.

Download Twitter Bar chrome extension from here.

3. Twitter theme: Tired of seeing the same old interface of twitter? Change the look of your twitter using the twitter theme extension.

Download twitter theme from here.

4. What the trend?: Are you a blogger? If you are interested in knowing what is the latest trend in twitter and install this “What the trend?” chrome extension and enjoy the latest updates on the trend. You can search the trend using your own keyword. It also explains you that why this topic is a tending topic. Interesting, right?

Download what the trend chrome extension from here.

5. Chrowety: Chrowety is a simple twitter client for chromes users. It lets you retweet (RT), automatically shortening of url using , watch the youtube video, check pictures of Twitpic and Tweetphoto, notify when the tweets arrive and lot more. You can also mark the tweets to your favorite or delete is easily.

Download Chrowert chrome plugin from here

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2 crore non-IMEI mobiles to be disconnected

More than 20 million phones are likely to go on the blink from December 1 because the government has finally decided to pull the plug on phones without an identity number.

Non-IMEI Phones

Such phones may look fancy, but they lack one very critical feature which can prove to be costly – the absence of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

This 15 digit number is critical for tracking any handset whether its lost or stolen or needs to be monitored by security agencies.

Now, the government has ordered all mobile companies to disconnect such phones from their networks from…… Read More

Now, Gmail, Facebook accessible on cable TV

There’s good news for those who use cable television services. You can now check your Gmail, watch YouTube videos or connect with friends on Facebook at the cost of the regular cable subscription of Rs. 150-200 per month – without having to pay extra for an internet connection.

Gmail, Facebook accessible

Logic Eastern, a Noida-based manufacturer of cable infrastructure, has developed special set-top boxes which come with an in-built patented hardware that enables connections to Gmail, Facebook and YouTube. The company has made possible two-way flow of data, that is, from websites to cable operators to consumers and return by using the existing cellphone technology.

“We believe it will be critical for cable operators to differentiate their services by leveraging the massive bandwidth that their cables take to each home. This is something that even DTH cannot do,” says Vineet Wadhwa, Chief Technology Officer and Promoter of Logic Eastern.

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