Mac Resources for Your Christmas

Christmas is coming and it’s the right time to start decorating your house, as well as your Mac.

Maybe there are already a lot of Christmas resources around the net, but I’d like to make one special list for Mac.

Though this is not a huge list, but I’ve tried to cover the most interesting things on your Mac, such as screen saver, wallpaper, and many other fun stuffs. So, what are you waiting for now?

Christmas Screen Savers

Nothing represents Christmas as much as falling snowflakes and flying Santas. Here are collection of screen savers that picture Christmas on your Mac.

Scattered Flurries

Perhaps you’ve long bored with the moving Flurry of Colors on your Mac, especially during Christmas day. You can add more flurries of snow to your Mac Screen Saver.

Scattered Flurries


If you will never have a great Christmas without falling flakes of snow, you can download this snowfall quartz composer screen saver to simulates the ice storm!


A Small Gift for Christmas

Christmas Lighthouse

Holidays Christmas

X’Mas Holiday

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Eye-Catching Mac Screensavers

Eye-Catching Mac Screensavers

Luminous Screensavers

Cause of its shining, glamorous moving particles, these screensavers achieve their best performance in the middle of darkness.


Strands Screensaver

Strands is a screensaver that shows a weave of glowing, flexing lines. Many selection of colors are available for this screensaver.

Phantom Butterflies

Phantom Butterflies Screensaver

Phantom Butterflies is a screensaver that shows a flock of glowing, ephemeral butterflies.


Helios Screensaver

Helios is a particle attraction/repulsion screensaver where blobs emit and receive multi-colored particles.


Skyrocket Screensaver

It’s a firework screensaver!

Matrix Saver

Matrix Saver Screensaver

MatrixSaver is a screensaver for Mac OS X that replicates the screen effects of the motion picture The Matrix.

Leopard Screensavers

Vortex, aurora, and time machine background are applied as the basic concept of these screensavers.


X-Galaxy Screensaver

Using the same concept as Leopard vortex wallpaper, the animation of this screensaver achieved a truly fantastic and hypnotic view with animated, full 3D version of moving star objects.

Time Machine

Time Machine Screensaver

Combining the awesomeness of time machine background animation, time machine screensaver has created a mind-blowing screensaver. This screensaver can also be used to visualize your RSS Feed.


DropClock Screensaver

DropClock is an aesthetically intriguing motion clock screensaver. Every minute of real time is numerically expressed with heavy helvetica number dropping into water in super slow-motion.


Flux Screensaver

This screensaver creates tons of moving light particles that occupy customizable number of flux fields. Many settings are available for you to play around with.

Watching these virtual fireflies dancing around your screen and leaving colorful trails will surely stupefy your mind.

Solar Winds

Solar Winds Screensaver

Another amazing screensaver that draws a movement of light particles with customizable number of emitters, winds, and particles.


Cyclone Screensaver

This screensaver simulates the shape of cyclone that can sweep through every corner of your screen display.


Euphoria Screensaver

With layers of plasma-like objects, this screensaver keeps your eyes entertained. Good eye-candy for those who love colorful objects.

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