Must Do Twitter SEO Tips

I think it is crazy when I come across a Twitter account that doesn’t have a bio section filled in or even a URL in the domain section. How can you forget to put your website domain in your profile? Here are some ways to really keep your SEO elements moving in the right direction with your Twitter account.

Must Do Twitter SEO Tips

Here are some of the top must do Twitter SEO tips to consider:

URL: Probably the most important thing. Don’t forget to have your URL visible in your profile. It only takes a few seconds to type in.
User Name: Your user name is also going to be listed in your domain so chose one wisely. If you pick something to cutesy you will have no chance of ranking in search results for your targeted keywords.

Description: Your description is used as the meta tag information for your profile so you can see where this would come in very handy to have optimized for your targeted keywords. Are you starting to see the overall goal of optimizing your profile?

Background: Take advantage of using your background to get more of your messaging across. You are allowed to upload your own background image so use it to either further your business brand or you can use the right hand side of the background to list some information about your services or your business.

Personality: Don’t let your profile seem like just a business even though you might be there to generate new leads. Try adding some personality to your profile. Ask your followers questions, have a contest show your audience that there is a human being behind that Twitter profile.

Hash Tags: This one is often overlooked by many people. If you drop a “#” before a word like SEO or any other keyword you might be targeting this will allow your tweet to show up in search results for when others search for that keyword.

Whenever dealing with any online social network or even a business profile optimization and SEO elements are very important. It doesn’t mean that it will rank all the time but if you are spending the time to create a profile you might as well make it 100% efficient in order to increase the possibilities of that profile ranking in search results.

Source: SEO Journal


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