Must Have Google Chrome Extension For Twitter Lovers

Google chromes browser supports extensions or plugins like Firefox. Google has launched the extension library for public use now. If you are looking to enhance the functionality of your Google chrome browser the head over to Google Extension Library page. But before starting to use this extension you need to have a beta version of latest Google Chrome browser.

Download Chrome Twitter Extension

Download Chrome Twitter Extension

Twitter extension for Google Chrome Browser:

1. Chromed Bird: Chromed bird is a twitter extension for chrome users from where you can easily interact with your followers. Features of Chromed Bird allows you to easily retweet the message, automatic shorten the url, track read/unread tweets, notify users whenever the new tweet arrives and lot mor.

Download Chromed Bird Extension from here.

2. Twitter Bar: Most of you have heard of twitter bar plugin for Firefox. The same extension is also available for Google chrome users as well. Twitter bar lets you tweet you the link from the address bar of your web browser. It automatically shortens the url when it goes to twitter so you need not to worry about the message length. You can also change the url shortner service from the option menu.

Download Twitter Bar chrome extension from here.

3. Twitter theme: Tired of seeing the same old interface of twitter? Change the look of your twitter using the twitter theme extension.

Download twitter theme from here.

4. What the trend?: Are you a blogger? If you are interested in knowing what is the latest trend in twitter and install this “What the trend?” chrome extension and enjoy the latest updates on the trend. You can search the trend using your own keyword. It also explains you that why this topic is a tending topic. Interesting, right?

Download what the trend chrome extension from here.

5. Chrowety: Chrowety is a simple twitter client for chromes users. It lets you retweet (RT), automatically shortening of url using , watch the youtube video, check pictures of Twitpic and Tweetphoto, notify when the tweets arrive and lot more. You can also mark the tweets to your favorite or delete is easily.

Download Chrowert chrome plugin from here

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