Efforts on to rescue child trapped in a borewell

Massive rescue operations are underway for 5-year-old Saahil, trapped in a borewell for over 24 hours. A team of doctors is monitoring the situation.

Saahil fell into an open borewell at a village about 60 kms from Jaipur around 8 am on Monday morning. He was playing near his house in Jagatpura village when he slipped into the borewell, which belongs to his own family. The borewell was left open after some work on Sunday.


Child trap borewell

The borewell is 270 feet deep and Saahil is lost at a depth of about 150 feet inside it. A team of doctors has put in an oxygen pipe to facilitate the boy’s breathing. He can survive another 24 hours with the help of this supply.

Meanwhile, the administration is trying to dig a parallel pit next to the borewell to reach and rescue the trapped child. 6 JCB machines and several rescue workers have been deployed.

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