Josy B, Ribkat and Biju Mathew have created a striking combination of music

What do you get when you mix a baritone soothing rhyme style with a soft melodic voice? You get an exhilarating potpourri of rap and hip hop of early 90s with intoxicating 80’s music. That’s what Josy B, Ribkat and Biju Mathew are up to, creating a striking combination of music.

ribkat and josy

Ribkat and Josy

When Ribkat met Biju, the collaboration of east and west was but inevitable. Ribkat and Josy B are also music creators for 2008 Oscar nominated movie, the wrestler, they also have a Hollywood Music Award nomination and Effigy Award for best Hip Hop song in 2009. What can best describe them? The three are innovative, catchy, classy, got swagger, have sound like no other and Josy’s enchanting voice intrigues you deep within. If given just one word, would call them– Hot! That’s what they are!

Their music carries and international appeal, which knows no boundaries of culture or ages.

Know More about them….


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