NASA announces discovery of water on moon

After India’s moon mission, the Chandrayaan, discovered water on the moon’s surface, American space agency NASA held a press briefing in Washington, DC on Thursday to announce to the world details about the discovery of water on the lunar surface.

“We have identified widespread water on the moon. A decade ago we would not have thought this possible; you have to think outside of the box on this,” NASA officials said.

They also said that mcube along with Chandrayaan was able to detect water on the moon.

“Due to spatial variability, some areas on the moon have stronger signature than others. Spatial variability is very important in determining where water is,” the officials said.

The experts, however, added they have to analyse what physical form is the water in. “We have several hypothesis but need more data.”

For long scientists have believed the moon is essentially a dry, parched pockmarked landscape. But the new studies based on the images taken by Chandrayaan provide clinching evidence of water molecules being present.

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