Families stream into NYC 9/11 ceremony

NEW YORK – Families carrying photos of lost loved ones streamed into a plaza near ground zero to observe the eighth anniversary of the World Trade Center attack.

Thousands were expected Friday at now-familiar ceremonies in New York City, at the Pentagon and at the crash site of United Airlines Flight 93 in a Shanksville, Pa., field.

September 11 Anniversary

NYC 9/11 ceremony

Elaine Dejesus of Clifton, N.J., brought a framed picture of her sister, Nereida (nur-AY’-duh), to the rainy Manhattan ceremony.

Dejesus, wiping away tears, said it took months to prepare mentally, and she does “a lot of praying.” But she also tries to remember “the fun times.”

Four moments of silence were planned in New York — for when jetliners crashed into each tower and for when each tower collapsed. Vice President Joseph Biden was to attend the ceremony.

NEW YORK (AP) — Drawing on the spirit that spurred volunteers to rush to the burning World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, Americans looked for ways to help each other on a day better known for mourning the thousands of people killed in the nation’s worst terrorist attack.

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