Mumbai bus mishap victims’ account

Two child victims, Aditya Vaidya and Nikhil Khond, of the bus fire gave NDTV a first person account of what happened on Thursday.

Two school mates united by one traumatic mishap as the fire broke out in their school bus Aditya who was standing close to the exit ran out escaping unhurt. Nikhil who sat at the back is now in the ICU with 20 per cent burns.

“I was standing towards the front of the bus when suddenly a fire broke out. I did not know what to do I just ran out. Those at the back had no time to get out as those in the front were running. That is how many of them got burnt,” said Aditya Vaidya, student, CKT School.

“I was sitting in the last but one seat. I dropped my bag and began to jump from seat to seat till I reached the door. The younger children were all in the front so they got out easily. Those who were left at the back got out through the window,” said Nikhil Khond, student, CKT School.

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