Amazing Water Webs

Web in front of pink leaves

Water is not only a necessity for all life; even its smallest form, the water drop, is an everyday source of beauty, for example when caught in a spider’s web. Let’s enjoy these stunning water tapestries found in our backyards.

Dew is easily caught in spider webs because it attaches to thin, exposed objects not warmed by ground sources. The surface of the spider’s web cools by radiating its heat while the moisture in the atmosphere condenses at a rate greater than it can evaporate, resulting in the formation of water droplets in the form of dew or rain.

Nature’s perfection:
Perfect spider web with drops

Prettier than any diamond necklace:
Diamond necklace

Waterdrops reflecting the photographer’s ring flash:

Chaos theory:
Chaos theory

Flowers breaking through the web of droplets:
Flower web

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