Nasik doc, Pune girl die of swine flu, toll at 14

Swine flu has now claimed 14 lives in India. A doctor in Nasik is the latest casualty of swine flu. This is fourteenth death in India.

Earlier, just after 2:30 am on Wednesday, 29-year-old Shrawani Deshpande died in Pune’s Sassoon hospital. She was brought to the hospital in a serious condition with pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

On Tuesday, five people died of H1N1, the highest in a single day so far. All of them had complications and developed acute respiratory distress syndrome

Lessons to be learnt

In what could throw the medicos in a tizzy is a report in a leading US newspaper, which says swine flu may not always be accompanied by fever.

In fact, in a significant number of documented cases, no temperature has been recorded even after some patients deteriorated.

So absence of fever can lead to wrong diagnosis, and underestimation of total number of confirmed cases.

Also, screening at airports will have limitations, as a flu carrier without fever will go undetected through thermal scanners.

Read Original story from NDTV…..


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