Hacked blogger seeks Russia probe

A pro-Georgian blogger at the centre of a co-ordinated attack that hit Facebook and Twitter has asked Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to hold an inquiry.

The blogger, known online as Cyxymu, said he was targeted for “telling the truth about the Russian-Georgian war”.


The attack forced down Twitter for two hours on 6 August, and Cyxymu now wants Mr Medvedev to find the culprits.

Despite the blogger’s claims, security researchers have said they doubt the attack was state-endorsed.

As well as Twitter and Facebook, search giant Google and blogging platform LiveJournal – all sites where the blogger holds accounts – were also affected.

In an open letter to Mr Medvedev, the blogger, whose real name is Georgy, appealed for an investigation into the attack, during which the affected websites were bombarded with data requests until they crashed.

“Your special services are able to trace the persons involved in this case and organisers of this attack,” he wrote.

“And your court, the most humane court in the world, is able to find and punish them. ”

‘Big surprise’

He also said that last week’s so-called denial-of-service (DoS) attack was not the first against his blog.


In October 2008 his blog at livejournal.com was hit and did not function again until May this year.

In his letter, Georgy said that “the entire world is speaking of the Russian hackers working for the Russian Federation government”.

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