Sixth swine flu death in India

The swine flu deaths have been on the rise across the country. In all there have been six deaths so far – three in Pune and one each in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Chennai.

In the latest and the sixth case of swine flu death, a 4-year-old child died in Chennai. The child was in hospital since last week. This is the first swine flu death in Chennai.

He had acute respiratory distress syndrome with pneumonia with cardiac arrest. He was admitted to Sassoon on August 7. The doctor is from in Verwada in Pune.

The first victim of the H1 N1 virus was 14 year-old Reeda Sheikh from Pune. Reeda’s family claims that it was a clear case of misdiagnosis. The young girl was not only treated too late but treated for the wrong illness.

India’s second swine flu victim was 53-year-old Fahmida Panwala from Mumbai. Fahmida came to the Kasturba hospital in Mumbai with a highly complicated case of diabetes and hypertension and died of acute respiratory distress.

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