Rida’s family to sue hospital

The devastated family of 14-year-old Rida Shaikh, who died of swine on Monday, have accused the Jehangir Hospital, where she was being treated, of misleading them.


They say they were not even informed that Rida was being tested for swine flu. The family will now file a case against the hospital.

Meanwhile, as an immediate response to what seems to be a heightened threat, the government has invoked the Epidemics Control Act.

This allows the government to forcibly admit suspected patients to government hospitals. It also allows the government to act against hospitals and clinics, which do not report suspected cases.

The Maharashtra government has now asked Ruby Clinic for an explanation as to why it conducted a swine flu test on the victim because only government hospitals are authorised to test for swine flu.

Ruby Clinic had tested the victim for swine flu and the test had come negative. The victim was referred to Ruby Clinic by Jehangir Hospital for tests.

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