Aus panel for overhauling education system

Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) has lashed out at the overseas education agents for misleading foreign students, and dubbed international students as victims of migration nexus.

In response to media reports pinpointing the black marketing trade in the international education sector of Australia that led to exploitation of overseas students, the Institute’s chief executive, Maurene Horder urgently called for a crackdown on private colleges and an overhaul of immigration and education system.

“Any unethical or illegal behaviour by registered migration agents is not tolerated by the Institute and should be cracked down by the Department of Immigration.

The MIA also strongly advocates establishing an independent Migration Consumer Complaints Commission, with the power to review fees,’ she said in a statement.

“International students are the most visible victims of the Australian international education and migration nexus,” she said adding, “Education agents should be regulated”.

However, the same rules do not extend to offshore migration agents or to education agents either here or overseas, and it is often these agents who mislead or exploit clients,” Horder pointed out.

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