After Australia, racial assault on Indians in Canada

VANCOUNVER: Four white Canadians were on Tuesday charged with a racial assault on a group of Indians at Langley on the outskirts of Vancouver.

According to police, the six Indian-origin men were playing tennis at the weekend when the four suspects approached them and started shouting “racially based expletives.”

The assailants, who included three young men and a woman, went on to pull fence boards even as they continued shouting racial “obscenities and threats.”

Police said: “The suspects attempted to enter the tennis court which was now barricaded by the tennis players. They were able to force their way into the tennis court and intimidated the victims until they were backed into a corner.

“One of the suspects threw a fence board at the group of tennis players hitting one of them in the head.”

Before fleeing, the assailants took away personal belongings of the victims.

They were later arrested and the stolen belongings of the Indians recovered, police said. The suspects were on Tuesday formally charged with assault with a weapon, robbery, causing physical harm and uttering threats.

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