Terror in a new guise?


Munizae Jehangir, Friday June 5, 2009, Islamabad

The man most wanted for the Mumbai attack, Hafiz Saeed, was released by a Lahore court for lack of evidence.

The Jamat-Ud-Dawa chief’s release has sparked off a war of words between India and Pakistan, and with reports that the JuD is functioning under another name, India is worried.

The JuD has already been banned by the United Nations, but now there are reports that it’s functioning under yet another name in the guise of a charity.

It’s members spread out in the Swat Valley, providing relief to thousands of people, caught in the war between the Pakistan Army and the Taliban.

“Despite the ban on the Jud, it is still active with a new name for welfare work in Swat and its new name is Khidmat-i-Insaniyat Foundation. Now what Hafiz Saeed can do is to rename Jud and it will reemerge on the Pak horizon with the same agenda,” said Mubassher Bokhari, a journalist.

Read Original From NDTV…..


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