Beautiful Windows XP themes

Windows XP themes

Even though Windows XP is almost a decade old, themes for this OS hasn’t stopped appearing. Every week a couple of new themes are released into the Internet which means that there are a few good thousands of free Windows XP themes floating around the web.

Islander: An open source visual style containing two Styles, two Styler skins, fonts, and Findexer instructions.


Haru the Suite: A recently released sleek, black open source theme.


Windows 7 Visual Style: There are plenty of Windows Seven themes. This one looks good.


SevenXP 3.0: Another Windows Seven theme. This one has a better looking taskbar, or Superbar and comes in 5 different colors.


TangoBL: A great looking theme with Tango icons.


Chromes for XP: A theme for fans of the browser


Incolore Composizione XP: A beautiful dark theme with a great looking taskbar.


Luna Inspirat: Luna is back and it’s looking great.


NeoGeniX: A dark skin with a blue electric glow.


Royal Inspirat special Edition: This is such a great looking soothing blue theme


Crystal.Systema Suite: Another very stylish dark theme


Get More Windows XP themes…


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