Secret Cat Haven

Below is a picture of a secret haven for possibly over 800 kitties.

Interested see some pictures I took from my first visit to this place?

The reason why I am not gonna name or say where this is is because this is not a place for you to dump your cats after you got tired of them! ^^;

It is a no kill shelter mostly for cats who are adult/senior or with conditions which deemed them unadoptable, example cat with health/bowel problems, or social problems etc. Adoption has to be by appointment only and they’re only open for public a few hours on a weekend day.

This kitty has extra toes! He allows visitors to pick him up but will meow when you do so and also when you put him down XD

This place is run by a group of cat loving volunteers and they keep the place running by donations. It has both indoors and outdoors type settings  which are enclosed, a laundry area where tons and tons of towels are being washed each day, food and water is always available for the huge population (all spayed/neutered) so it is generally peaceful =  no cat fights.

Cats which need to be isolated due to contagious illnesses or if they are new have rather big custom made cages which has their own litter box and other necessities like food, water, basket to sleep in and toys.

Cats are allowed to roam around in the huge enclosed space and many things are built with them in mind, lots of high places where they can climb to and look down at us lowly humans (LOL)

The volunteers actually know most of the cat’s names in there, if not at least a large number of them (over 800 names to remember, imagine that!) We were told while going on a tour with a volunteer that this kitty likes to jump on people’s shoulders lol!.

This kitty has a very curly tail which keeps springing back to it’s curl! And you can see it’s friendly 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Secret Cat Haven

  1. What a WONDERFUL place, how joyous for cats lucky enough to go there. Oh how I wish there were more like this. Thanks for sharing light in a world of shelter darkness!

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