Twitter Search Services Compared

With developers rushing like wild dogs to build and launch applications to make your Twitter (Twitter reviews) experience more productive, how can you choose which is the best tool to use if you’re running queries on your company name and competitor’s product line, or references on small-town bakeries or Red Sox pitchers?

Thankfully, there is no shortage of search applications. But how different are their interfaces, how similar are their results, and what options do they offer? Let’s see.

1. Twitter Search

twitter search image

Also known to oldtimers as Summize, Twitter Search is hosted on the official Twitter server–but is routinely considered inadequate by many for its less-than-stellar retrieval rate, at times as low as 50 percent!

Results show the sender’s avatar, a link to the original tweet, and a link to to reply (assuming you’re logged in). You can also immediately see the client used to send that tweet, e.g. web, TweetDeck (TweetDeck reviews), Twhirl (Twhirl reviews), HootSuite, etc.

Features include the ability to view tweets written in about 20 languages, an RSS feed subscription button for your query, one-click links to view trending topics, and an “advanced search” form. The results do not refresh in real-time, but you have to click where it says “refresh.”

If this is the official benchmark, what about its competition?


tweefind image

Whereas Tweetzi uses a black bird for its logo, Tweefind has a pink bird. It’s a simple interface: type in your query, see the results. The only clickable items are the sender’s username and any in-message website links.

Despite the title of the page describing Tweefind as a Twitter search by user rank, it’s unclear what the dots otherwise mean. The developers shouldn’t assume that one is looking at the page title to decipher the dots. Maybe a mouseover script or a simple “FAQ” link could help?

The date of the sent tweet is shown and there is an ability to reply to the tweet, by clicking the right-most backwards arrow which takes you to a message screen.

If you want a basic search utility, Tweefind is it.

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