The creator of Tweety Bird

The creator of Tweety Bird

Bob Clampett was just 29 years old when he directed the first Tweety Bird cartoon, “A Tale of Two Kitties.” But 33 years later Clampett revealed an even more personal connection to the famous bird in a documentary about Warner Brothers. He confessed that the character was based “on my own naked baby picture.”

At the age of 18 Clampett had joined Warner Brothers’ animation department (in 1931), and at 22 he designed the character of Porky Pig.

He remained with the studio for fifteen years, but it was just four years before he left that he directed the first Tweety Bird cartoon.

In his later life he enjoyed gave lectures about the history of animation. Cartoon historians report some tension between Chuck Jones, another Warner Brothers director, and Bob Clampett. But cartoon lovers will always remember Clampett’s long run at Warner Brothers, and the creativity behind the characters he helped create.

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Ballet Dancer Tweety Bird Glitter Glitters

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