TVS Apache RTR 180

New TVS Apache RTR 180 Fi ready to launch in India in 180cc bike segment. This new bike will be equipped with a 180cc powerplant that can produce upto 18bhp of maximum power with the maximum torque of 16.5Nm. TVS Apache RTR 180cc will have all the high tech features like digital speedometer with top speed, timer that offer exact time which bike has taken for 0 to 60 kmph, and many other advanced functionality with killing looks. It is also expected that Apache RTR 180cc will be equipped with the ABS (Antilock Braking System) feature.

Striking Features of TVS Apache RTR 180 :-

* Digital Speedometer with top speed mark
* Petal shaped front and rear disc brakes
* Large tank coops
* Naked chain cover
* LED tail lamps to save power
* Clip on handlebar
* Battery Indicator
* Service Reminder
* Timer to get timing between 0 to 60
* Fatty rear tyre

TVS Apache RTR 180

The 180cc powerplant of new TVS Apache RTR 180 offers the great acceleration and makes it able to cross the 60kmph mark in just 4.8 seconds and to touch the tip speed mark of 135kmph. The new projector headlamps, front and rear disc brakes makes it unique in its segment. The new TVS Apache RTR 180cc is expected to be priced around Rs 75,000.

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