Stars Struggling Lives

Lights Camera Action. Welcome to the world of Hindi Film Cinema; the world of drama, action, romance and a lot more that stays hidden under the make up and glamour. The struggle of those whom we call stars. Recently, Priyanka Chopra was hospitalised for three days because of exhaustion. She had been working day and night for her films, events and shows. Often we hear film stars working double shifts in order to rake moolah. The industry has aspirants coming from everywhere, with dreams of becoming a star in this popular media. Not everybody is fed with a silver spoon. Many stories we know, here are a few more.

As a young lad, Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia was good at sports and so he went on to study martial arts in Bangkok. In the mean while he worked as a chef too. Coming back to Mumbai’s Koliwada area, he started teaching martial arts when a student of his who was also a photographer suggested Akshay to look modelling as a career option. Modeling being much financially viable option,

Read more about struggling stars…


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