Healing Power of the Mind


A well-known story on the healing power of the mind the is story of “sacred bone” which took place in the middle ages. The bone was thought to  have immense healing power and was  brought from the Holy Land by two soldiers of the crusades. However, many years after it was brought from the land, one of the soldiers admitted that the real bone was lost. Fearing that it may cost him trouble, they decided to substitute with a bone of a sheep.

Though, it was a sheep bone, the bone still has its magical power of healing power, acting like a medicine to heal and illness. Thus, they agreed to keep silent about this matter. It was ultimately the power of the subconscious mind that the bone act like a medicine to cure all diseases. But after this matter was known to all, the bone loses its healing power and touch.

From this story, it can be seen that the healing and medicinal power of our subconscious mind is limitless even in the face of the most deadly disease.

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