This Summer : Take Care Of Your Skin

skinSummer is finally setting in. Sun’s high pretty early in the morning and nothing feels as refreshing as that morning breeze. But summer also means sitting in air conditioned rooms, allowing it to suck all moisture from the skin. With the tips listed below, you’ll not only feel as fresh as ever but also leave your skin pampered.

1. Before you apply any cream, spray rose water on your skin. Also Keep glycerin and rose water handy. Spray them on your skin from time to time even while make up to keep moisture levels intact.

2. If your skin is too dry, don’t use too much of soap to wash your face as soap snatches moisture from your skin, but do give your skin regular splashes of water.

3. Drink lots n lots of water. If your water intake is about 5-6 glasses of water then increase it up to 10-12 glasses of water in summer as water content gets reduce due to sweating.

4. Avoid going in the sun as much as you can, and when you are out in the sun make sure that you have applied sunscreen with SPF of 15 minimum. Use hats ,caps, umbrella to protect yourself from sun. Wear full sleeve shirt if possible….Read More


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