Beat The Summer Heat

coolSummer is almost here. Back are the times to be with friends or family or even that long due break. Along with soaring temperates comes the feeling of icky and sweat that leaves you sticky and prone to sickness. Here are a few tips to keep you cool this summer.


Summer foods should be eaten as fresh as possible. Cutting, cooking or mixing with spices tends to make foods ferment faster. Hence opt for minimum-cooking.

1. Keep high on salads, sprouts, raw vegetables and fruits. They are high in water content, nutrition, light and will also keep your metabolism in place. Enjoy your breakfast of a bowl of cereal, milk and fruit/juice. But remember not to add sugar. Water melons, yoghurt, cumin seeds (jeera), cucumber, raw mangoes, raw tomatoes and white gourd (dudhi) help to cool off your body.

2. Avoid filling and heavy meals. Instead get in the habit of eating little and often. This will help regulate blood sugar levels. Also avoid fried stuff like chips, junk food, white flour, sugar, spicy gravies, eggs, red meat, samosas, vada, bhajji, farsans bajri and makai as they increase the body temperature. Fat has a thermal effect. Jowar, wheat and rice are recommended as they are safer options.

3. Reduce intake of spicy vegetables & fruits like hot peppers, garlic, beetroot , grapefruit ,radish and ripe mangoes (if you cannot resist mangoes, soak them in water for few hours)

4. Minimize the intake of hot, spicy foods and extremely salty foods. The body retains salt in the organic form found in fruits & veggies; the inorganic salt, meanwhile, is digested and needs to be thrown out of the body. And this is why you need to drink water!..
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